Unplug from the Virtual World and plug into your family

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June 25, 2012 by vlittle528

When I thought about having children, I knew my love for them would be unconditional. I knew there would be trying moments, I knew there would be moments when I would love them desperately while simultaneously not liking their actions very much if at all. I knew there would be moments I wanted to tear my hair out, or cry and scream, or just maybe even give up and scream in a pillow. But I guess I never really thought about the fact that my love would keep getting deeper and deeper.

I remember staring at both my sweet babies when they were born. I looked into their tiny bright eyes, so innocent and full of promise, and feeling a love so overwhelming tears welled up in my eyes. I tell my children all the time I couldn’t love them more. But then I somehow do.

This past weekend we got the amazing opportunity to join a friend of mine on the Coleman family camping trip. There were a few blogging friends there as well as other winners. It was only 24 hours, but what an amazing 24 hours it was. We managed to fit in fishing, kayaking, ponyback riding, s’mores, lunch, dinner, and just some general fun. My kids had tons of new experiences, I made some great new friends, and it was one of those events that we will remember for a lifetime.

And I will cherish it for a lifetime. Not only did I get to watch my children experience so many wonderful things for the first time, I was unplugged from the internet and plugged into my children. I just sat back and watched them learn to cast a fishing rod, we sang “scoop it like a spoon” as they learned how to help me row the kayak (and row row row your boat, I mean come on, that is a given), and I just smiled as they giggled on the pony. I was filled with pride as I watched them join other kids in washing dishes in buckets. I was able to see how they interacted with other children and make new friends and play so well with other children. I got to hold my exhausted daughter as she cuddled against me under the bright stars to fall asleep. And then at night I got to snuggle up next to them, and wake up in the morning and see the pride in their eyes when they realized they were brave and slept all night long in a tent.

What I didn’t realize until we got home was how much we bonded on that trip. I feel closer to my kids somehow. I felt a little softer, a little more relaxed. And as sad as it is that they grow up so fast, I felt a wonderment and pride at how brave and adventurous they are. We made memories together, we shared some of their first experiences together. We got out of the house, out of our comfort zone, braved the unrelenting heat and made memories to last a lifetime. It just doesn’t get better than that.


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