I have my third baby after all!

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August 25, 2012 by vlittle528

I have a new baby. I have actually had her for a few months now, but I didn’t realize how much of my little baby she was until now. No, she isn’t a REAL baby (I would have let you know about 6 months ago.) She is my little furbaby. We rescued sweet little Roxie, a chihuahua-min pin mix from the Colorado Springs fire. We had actually tried to adopt about five little pups before her, and I had all but given up when the lady at the shelter told me that there was one last dog that hadn’t even been seen yet and had just finished her surgery and we could see her before we left. When she came in the room, she walked right into my lap, tucked her head in my arms, and fell asleep. I was in love in an instant. Within in hour, she was cuddled up in a milk crate and we were on our way home.

I have always been a pet-lover (we already have two cats and a husky at home), and Roxie fit right into our family. She is definitely a mama’s girl and is always at my heels. Even my husband, who used to groan at the mere thought of a “yip yip” dog has fallen head over heels for this spunky little gal. She is fun and silly and cuddly all at once. She keeps up with the husky quite well, actually, and we spend hours just laughing as she tries her hardest to pull Max (the husky) across the room with the rope. He will just lay there as she backs up and runs as fast as she can and then pounces on him. Cracks me up.

She is so sweet, and when you are sick she cuddles even more than normal. She sleeps on my back or head when I lay down when I am sick and she cuddles in the crook of our legs when we take a nap.

But today I realized how much of our “other kiddo” she is. My sister in law has a dog that needs to get some energy out, and since she was home with a sick kid today, she needed a playmate for her pup. So, I brought Roxie over. My SIL asked me if perhaps she was cold because she was shivering but was perfectly content in her jacket (sucker 🙂 ). So I told her that the next time I brought her over, I would be sure to bring her sweater as well.

As if I didn’t have enough to remember. Maybe I should just get her a backpack and give her a chore chart.  I can’t even imagine what we are going to have to do when it snows to keep her happy. My silly little pup.


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