I have 723 strips of negatives. No, I am not kidding.

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January 22, 2013 by vlittle528

259If you don’t know what negatives are, I think you have come across the wrong blog. Unfortunately my days of booty pants and sun-in are over…along with the pre-digital camera days. Just a warning, if you are feeling a bit old with the word negatives, I do bring up three little letters that will make you feel even older. V….H….S.

With our local Just Between Friends Sale coming up quickly, I have been a cleaning machine! I used to be a bit of a hoarder (okay, won’t lie, I probably could have gotten on a show that displayed the warning signs of future extreme hoarders), but now I have kids and dogs and cats OH MY! And did I mention the lack of space? And the kids and dogs and cats inhabiting that lack of space? So now it is time to let it all go.

It started simply enough in that I needed a spot in the garage to put the bins of stuff I was going to sell. **And as an aside here, if anyone is willing to loan me their super-garage-cleaning-husband for a weekend, I would love it! Mine doesn’t care so much so my garage is never organized and I am pretty  much always hitting something with either a door or the car itself.** I ended up finding a bin of books, a bin of pictures, and the largest bin of all contains VHS tapes. Yes, those things that go in VCR’s. You know the things that you threw in your kids playroom so they could pretend they had an oven? Yeah. I have a bazillion and one VHS tapes. I decided to ignore them for the moment until I could google what should be done about them and then went to the bin of pictures.

Second truth about me. I am a picture FANATIC! I love to look at old pictures. The backgrounds, the expressions, the lack of wrinkles and gray hair. I also love how I used to think I looked so fat. What I would do to have that body again. Anyway I digress. So, there are a ton of pictures. Not only that but there are doubles and triples and sometimes even more multiples of the same picture. Taking up room. So I poured a glass of wine and dug in.

So many memories. Unfortunately, many of the pictures had me sitting there with a puzzled look on my face wondering who was in them. NO, I wasn’t drunk (then or now) but I just simply didn’t remember them anymore. Many were faces with lost names, but still. The vast majority of these were college pictures. All four years of my extremely fun young life are already in a photo album. I don’t care if I forget high school. Most of the pictures got tossed. Some were saved. Some were looked at for a minute with a smile on my face before surrendering them to the trash as well since the one in the picture is not the one that ended up the love of my life (and I certainly don’t need my children asking me who I am kissing. Wow).

After that part was over, the rest got separated into piles. I cannot remember what year was what. The year of most holidays had to be determined by which house we were living in, how old my niece and nephew were, and how blond my hair was. Finally I got them all separated, bagged, and put back in the bin-now half full when it used to be overflowing.

As I breathed a sigh of accomplishment I realized that I had yet to touch the mess of pictures in my closet. The “after-wedding” pictures. The box of pictures that my children have pawed through. It is a mess.

Luckily, I used to be FANTASTIC at making the photo books of my children. Unfortunately, that stopped in 2008. So that is about 3-4 years of unprinted pictures. Unprinted and un-booked (I am well aware that is not a word). So, next up is that box. So when I do find those great deals, I can print up the new pictures, label them, and throw them in the bin until I can put them in a book. I am not even going to pretend to be the overachiever mom I used to be.

(P.S. I won’t leave you hanging. I have looked into it and really, the best option is to recycle your old VHS tapes. Even the goodwill stores by me don’t want them. There was someone who recommended using the tape in them to scare birds out of your garden, or to make bags. If you are that motivated, more luck to you. And the books? Those are going to be sorted through, offered to friends, and the leftovers are going to be taken to the used book store to trade in for books for my kids.)



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