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March 11, 2013 by vlittle528

What a roller coaster ride we have been on with my son. I guess not so much of a roller coaster ride as it has been a marathon of trying to cross finish lines. It turns out that my son did amazing on his cogAT tests, but unfortunately because of the lottery system he was placed on a waiting list for the accelerated school we had applied for.


I don’t know if I was relieved or not. There are other reasons I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to go there or stay where he is. I did want to know if he would be accepted, and now I know he would be. And I also know his cogAT scores. Which is just a small advantage when you have a child like my son. It would be better to have full testing done, but we will do with what we have for now.

I am lucky that the school he is in has a great principal. I am also lucky that I am the type-A personality that I am and joined the PTCO the week my kiddo started kindergarten. I am on a first-name basis with the principal, so I don’t feel intimidated in any way about approaching her when it comes to my son’s education. And with all of that, I am lucky that she responded to my email and forwarded it to the gifted and talented teacher. My son still isn’t going to be “recognized” per se as gifted and talented, but I felt like I won a major battle when the teacher called me today and told me that she was willing to let my son join her first grade group and test it out. She even went to my son’s class and met him (though he apparently was preoccupied because he hardly remembers meeting her).

I have had moms email me or approach me and ask me for advice on how to help their own children. It never ceases to amaze me how many truly gifted kids are out there, and yet how difficult it still is for parents to figure out how to help them. I am guessing this is how the parent of any “out of the norm” child feels. There are millions of children with autism, but their parents still struggle daily on getting them the right education and attention. My best advice is to remember each day that YOU are your child’s best advocate. As much as your teacher may love them, as good as their school may be, you are the only one. You are the only one that is going to put in the time, effort, sweat, blood and tears that it is going to take. And it doesn’t stop when the GT teacher finally calls. Just don’t give up.


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