A bit of fun randomness


March 12, 2013 by vlittle528

Oh silly boys. I wish I could just record the conversations I have with my children and put clips of my favorite moments in an album or on a cd. Some of the stuff they say is just priceless. And some of the stuff my husband says just reminds me that I am going to have somehow overcome the fact that he is going to be my son’s main role model (well, at least according to Dr. Phil who says the strongest role model in a child’s life are their same sex parents).


My son is a pretty loyal little guy. He was stuck on his “girlfriend” from preschool forever and was crushed when he learned they were going to different Kindergartens. It took awhile for him to “get used to”-as he says-his new little girlfriend. And he has liked her since the beginning of the school year. But lately he has been talking about another little girl more and more. And today he admitted he likes both of them.

The little twist on the girls? Both of them are twins. Not sisters, but they are each one of the two sets of twins in his class. Even cuter little twist is I think the sister of his second crush likes him. Which is what I told him. He replied to me “well, I guess I could try to get used to her”, to which I promptly responded that we do NOT go out with sisters but he should certainly be friends with all of the kids in his class. My husband, with his mouth full of his shoe, declared that his first two real girlfriends were twins and it was okay to date sisters.

Lord give me strength!

Apparently my dear husband wanted to taste his other shoe as well because later in the evening, he told my becoming-less-innocent son that “it is okay to let girls have the last word. Just learn not to care, it makes them happy, and ultimately you win.”

Lord restrain me!


One thought on “A bit of fun randomness

  1. Kyrie Collins says:

    OMG that is hysterical! My son had 5 girlfriends in preschool and he planned to marry them all … one at Skate City, one at Chick-fil-A, one at McDonald’s, one at the pool, and one at the park. We just went along with it, figuring it’s every guy’s dream but reality for very very few. One of the girls put the kibosh on it before the end of the preschool year and said he could only have one wife so he’d better make up his mind.

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