I just feel GROSS!

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April 7, 2013 by vlittle528

I am in full self-disgust mode. I just finished taking “before” pictures and measurements. You may think you are looking a little big in pictures or the mirror, but it is NOTHING compared to actually seeing the numbers on the measuring tape or the bra and underwear pics.

My husband and I came to the disappointing realization the other day that our bodies definitely aren’t what they used to be. The poor man used to simply think about losing weight and it would happen. Today my heart broke for him when he realized that his stomach was keeping him from bending over to tie my daughter’s skate. He was so mad at himself and I know exactly how he is feeling.

Usually I can see it coming and I try to head it off at the pass. Apparently that isn’t so easy to do anymore. Weighing more just doesn’t feel good. I feel breathless and yucky. I notice that my arms have to stretch around my belly to type, the book rests on my belly when I read in bed, and it is just hard to get comfortable. I am definitely a yo-yo dieter.


I am done with the dieting. And really, it isn’t that I eat poorly, but my portions definitely need to be controlled. As does my stress. And when I do diet, my energy levels go down, which really doesn’t help the whole process anyway. I had considered cleanses before, but the only thing I really knew about them was that a friend of mine always does one when she needs to fit into a dress (didn’t seem safe or long-lasting to me).

When I was doing the Just Between Friends Sale, a friend of mine was giving samples of something called Spark. I am a caffeine girl, definitely. I need it and love it. This stuff, though, is different. It made me feel better, not shaky like I usually do. So then she told me about the other products Advocare has, and I decided that I have nothing to lose and everything to gain (except for, hopefully, weight).

So what I am starting tomorrow is called the 24-day challenge. It isn’t a diet as much as a process and then a lifestyle. The first part of it is a cleanse, and the way it was described to me, you feel like “the inside of your body has just taken a shower and is clean”. I could only imagine what needs to be pushed out of my poor little body. After you do the cleanse you go through the max phase to help re-start your body. When it is all said and done, there are plenty of other things to keep you where you want to be, meal replacement shakes, energy drinks, protein bars, protein shakes and much more. We found a product that helps out with migraines, and another that significantly helps with chronic pain issues such as arthritis.

So here I go. I’ve got my humiliating numbers now, got the “is she pregnant or fat?” before pictures taken, and a whole lot of determination to kick this challenge’s butt. Game on.

If you want to join the Challenge with me, please either email me or click the logo on the right. I would love to have support, and I would love to support you as well. And then maybe we can talk about how good we felt in our bathing suits at the pool rather than talking about the creative way we hid our bodies!


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