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April 20, 2013 by vlittle528

Tuesday was quite the day. Gymnastics, basketball, rigging a disposal so it works until payday, washing laundry I will fold later, looking at cars that fulfill half my need but not all my wants, it was a day. But at the end of the day (literally six minutes until), at the end of the day I reached a goal. A goal that put me 2/3 way to the goal I REALLY want. A goal that I refuse to accept was my doing. Rather, this was the collaborative group of two friends that helped me attain this goal. The actual goal. The hidden goal WAS mine. But that is harder to explain. Confused yet? Let me explain.

As we go through life, each of us has SO many things we want to accomplish. They may be written down on paper and shared with many, briefly mentioned in passing, or kept secret and tucked away in our hearts. Sometimes they are simple, sometimes they are scary. Most likely, though, they will take effort to find success. In my opinion, putting that effort forth is what is really scary. We become vulnerable with the fear of failure as well of the fear of letting others in.

So back to to my goals. One goal is simple. I want to lose weight. I have done it before so I know that it is possible, but with each month of age, it gets harder and harder to shed those pounds. I am participating in the 24-day challenge for that and it is going really really well. That one isn’t so scary.

The second goal is starting my own business. Again. That is where the 2/3rds comes in. To get to where I want and need to be I have a financial goal to meet every couple of weeks. I would NOT have hit this goal if it wasn’t for my friend who pushed me, my friend that joined me, and my friend that helped me. Each had their own strategies, each did things their way, but they all helped me.

And entangled in these first two goals is the third and hidden one. Initially I thought it was trust in others, but really it is trust in myself. It is the trust that I CAN build my own business. It is the trust in myself that I AM a good friend and people will either like me or they won’t, but I am finding that more often than not they have more faith in me than I do (yet another goal…I should have more faith in myself than anyone).

I have a plate in my kitchen that says “God gave us friends because he doesn’t want us to walk alone”. I believe in this. I think life is a lot more lonely and sad without your friends to lean on, to celebrate your joys and triumphs with and to share the weight of the rough times. It may be less scary to try and do it all on your own, but you won’t be as successful and you won’t have nearly as much fun. The rewards of family and friendship far exceed the risks of letting someone in. Think of that when you find yourself shying away from people and trying to do it all on your own. You really don’t have to.


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