I finally met my teenage dream!

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September 8, 2013 by vlittle528

It was definitely one of those nights. A night that will be tucked into my favorite memories that I will look back on fondly in the future. One of those nights where we drove home with the windows down and the wind blowing through our hair. I looked out at the beautiful skyline of downtown, felt the breeze against my face and listened to my friend chattering beside me and I was completely content. It was wonderful.

I had tickets to see Joey McIntyre’s musical “THE KID”. Now, as one of my friends pointed out, apparently not everyone my age knows who he is (WHAT????). So, in case you don’t, he was the youngest member of New Kids on the Block. The blue-eyed sweetie that sang his way into many a girl’s hearts and onto their bedroom walls. If you still don’t know, google it. And I may be a little ashamed of you πŸ˜‰

As a very-unnecessary thank you for taking her along with me, my friend said dinner was her treat! Sad to say, I am not really sure I remember the last time I was out to dinner, so when she recommended my favorite food of sushi I was thrilled. Even more thrilled when she ordered Sangria Saki (which was yum but we may have expected a bit more of a…shall we say relaxation?…after three of them). We had fantastic sushi at fantastic prices, sat on the patio and chatted, and just relaxed. And we didn’t have to tell each other to finish our dinner or get our elbows off the table or do anything motherly. That meal alone was worth gold to me. That was not the purpose of the evening, though, so off to see Joey we went.

His low-key entrance was a bit surprising to me, but regardless I was quickly enthralled with the musical that was presented to me. I became invested quickly, and really I doubt if it would have mattered if it was Joe-Blow Actor from next door that was telling his story I loved it. I will admit, anyone trying to sing “Please Don’t Go Girl” other than Joey himself would have been a disappointment, and I have waited my whole life since my crazy teenage years to see a real New Kid dance “the dance”. (Yeah, you know the one. And if you don’t I suspect you are not a true New Kid fan!!) Mr. McIntyre’s story was heartfelt, entertaining, poignant, joyful, sad…every emotion all wrapped up together. It was a roller coaster of stories that took you up and down, much like the story all of us have would do. But I guess when you are 13 and staring wistfully at a poster of a blue-eyed cutie that you swear will find you in a crowd one day and declare you are the one he wants to marry you don’t think about the realities of your crush’s life. You just pretend that you are the girl he doesn’t want to go and will love forever!!

During intermission as I stood at the bar I heard the ladies next to me chatting about how they had already been to the show this afternoon. They asked one another if they had cried yet. I was moved by the musical but I certainly hadn’t seen a reason to shed an actual tear. The other one said that earlier she cried after intermission. I was intrigued, and went back in fearing that they had built up the second half so much that I was going to be disappointed. But I wasn’t. I actually cried, too.

As we headed out in our blissful happiness of seeing our teenage crush, my friend noticed a line forming. Smart as she is, she asked what it was for, and the girl looked at us like we were crazy and said “to meet Joey!!” So we dutifully got in line (duh) and waited our turn. In front of us were two women that flew in specifically for this show. This was the second time they saw it, and the second time they were meeting Joey. And they each had roses for him, and were frantically fixing their hair and make-up in the glass of the theater entrance. No, they weren’t thirteen. The girl behind us was gushing that she has loved Joey from the beginning. I wanted to tell her she would have been three. But I didn’t.

So we eventually got our turn to meet Joey McIntyre. A pretty piece of eye-candy for sure, with a heartfelt story that would have made any woman swoon. Would I see it again? Yes. But I would see it again because the musical itself was that good, not just because Joey was the main character in many of my teenage daydreams.



Joey McIntyre is The Kid, the youngest member of New Kids on the Block. With music from his childhood, music he helped make famous and music that inspires him, The Kid is about the power of family β€” the family we’re born to, the families we make β€” and how sometimes finding your own voice starts with learning how to listen.

This developmental production of a new musical is directed by Eli Gonda and written with Christine Boylan. The Kid shows us that every stage is different β€” and you may have to play them all before you find your stage.

THE KID is playing at the Garner Galleria Theater through September 15th, purchase your tickets HERE!


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