Is great good enough?

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November 10, 2013 by vlittle528

Ahhh, good old progress report time. It seems like in most families there are the kids with the great reports and then the kids with the not so great. One kid feels guilty if they hand over a card with a B on it, the other one proudly shows their parents all C’s. Only now I am all confused because my son doesn’t have letter grades, his are in numbers and it talks about proficiencies and levels and things that I don’t remember seeing when I was young. You knew what an A was, parents were okay with B’s, C’s were pushing your limit and I don’t know what happens after that because it never happened to me. Though I guess it did to my sister and from my recollection it wasn’t good.

When you have a gifted and talented student, you usually know what is coming home because typically they tend to tell you ahead of time if it isn’t going to be good. What I didn’t expect is that I would be upset with the scores. Almost all of them were 3’s. Which, according to how things were explained to me, is the equivalent of A’s. The 4’s are reserved for even better than A. I know that I should be happy with the 3’s, and I am incredibly proud of my son. And I am trying to remember that placing high expectations on a gifted and talented child is not a good thing, it can actually end up in severe consequences. I am disappointed, though, that he isn’t being given (or recognized) for the work that he CAN do.

It is very true that my son is “proficient” in what they are learning in class. But he is also above this in his math, reading, writing-you name it. This is shown in the extra math that they do outside of class, math that isn’t considered on his report card. I just don’t understand why this isn’t being reflected in his progress report.

So what does a mom do? Believe me, I am already THAT mom. I am already very aware of what my son is doing in class. I have already pushed for extra work, I have advocated for my son until he got formally identified as GT, I have pushed when he came home daily saying he was being bullied and no one was doing anything to help him. Am I really going to go into conferences and say that his perfect report card isn’t good enough? And is it good enough? Do I see my son through rose colored glasses? Is his young progress report going to affect next year or the year after? I sure didn’t expect these questions to be keeping me awake at night when I was pregnant. Sure I was worried about school things like bullies and getting good grades and college…but I never once thought that having a smart child would be difficult outside the arena of making sure his pants were long enough and his hair was combed. I am always telling my kids to pick their battles. I guess I just need to decide if this one progress report is a big enough battle for me to fight.



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