Even the frustrating moments can be ones to remember

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December 4, 2013 by vlittle528

Monkey Butt Powder, a five year old, a six year old, and a clueless mom and dad. What could go wrong? Ummmm, a LOT actually. See, Anti-Monkey Butt Powder is supposed to go on your…well, your butt. However, it is apparently quite a bit more fun to hold it and squeeze the bottle really hard while the powder goes flying all around you. And that almost-empty bottle? Yeah, well a little powder goes a long way. I walked into the room to find my son looking a lot like Jack Frost from “The Guardians”, down to the white legs and frosted hair and white-as-a-ghost face. I then see my sweet daughter looking like she had her first bad experience with hair dye-only she ended up with gray rather than the orange that I got to enjoy. Then I walked into the bathroom. Seriously, it was like walking into a thick fog. There was so much in the air, and a covering over the entire floor, counter, and sink. The biggest mess I have seen since the shampoo-on-the-carpet incident.


Normally, this would send this momma into a yelling fit. And that yelling fit would end with a guilt-ridden mom, two sad children, and a messy bathroom. However, I just ended reading “I may frustrate you, but I’m a Keeper”, and I am really trying to be a more patient and understanding mom. Both of the kids started cleaning up on their own, both of them apologized, both of them honestly felt bad and admitted that they were just having so much fun that they didn’t realize the mess they were making until it was over. I just sighed, told them that they didn’t get to finish their show because they needed to finish cleaning up and gave myself a time-out. Then I walked out of the room and giggled to myself a little bit.


I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking “seriously? This is what is WRONG with kids these days! Punish them!” I tried that route. I tried yelling. It didn’t do any of us any good. But what did do my heart good, what did build my son’s self-esteem, what did put a positive impression into my daughter, was when my son said “Hey sis, no big deal, we just have to make cleaning up a game and make it fun. That will make it more fun! And we can use the mop to make it extra pretty for mommy!” Yep, this moment was definitely one to remember and laugh about later.


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