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May 13, 2015 by vlittle528

“I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but maybe God is testing you. He wants you to realize your worth in yourself and to Him, not to others”. 

These words were said to me today by someone who often thinks she isn’t seen, or appreciated. But little does she know that these words have reverberated through my mind since she said them. The thing is, I was wondering all day long what lesson I was supposed to be learning from the struggles I was having today. I was trying to keep my spirits up, and every time I thought I calmed down something or someone came by and jumped all over them again. I know God doesn’t want to see any of us in pain, but all I could do after awhile was look up and say “seriously??”

Truth is, I haven’t paid much attention to my worth in God’s eyes. I am too busy trying to please people, trying to make people happy, trying to push through exhaustion to be everything to everyone. I am so busy being busy that I haven’t taken a second to live in any moment.

Have you ever noticed that people with ill-intent are REALLY good at pretending they are totally different than they are? How many times have you muttered under your breath “why don’t they see what she is really like?” Do you go home feeling defeated because someone else always seems to “win”? If you look deep enough, or if you were able to be a fly on the wall, you would find you are right. They ARE really good at pretending. Because their life isn’t all they want you to think it is. They have struggles, they have pains, and they have insecurities. But dang they are good at making you feel like a loser.

My dear friend-along with my mentor from church- are trying their best to show me that I am not the loser. That I do mean something to someone…even people other than God. Funny thing is that I am trying to teach both of them the same thing as well.

It is easy to preach and not practice. It is easy to let the devil work his charm and have the actions of others make us feel bad about ourselves. But in reality, we do just need to look to God. And we need to listen to our friends, our true friends. When they say they love us they mean it, God put them in our lives for a reason.


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