What Are Your Children Seeing Today?


November 9, 2016 by vlittle528


It is impossible to avoid the back and forth happening this morning. There is so much anger, hurt, and hate. People that have been saying they didn’t want Trump to win the presidency are acting in the same manner that they have demanded makes Trump unfit to run the country. Some people are choosing to deal with their disappointment by being loud, hurtful, mean, and hateful. There is even an article floating around that gives advice on what we should tell our children-because fear seems to be what some Clinton supporters are finding appropriate this morning.

People are dragging themselves into work today, exhausted from the late night and the anxiety and the turmoil that the election brought us. We said we couldn’t wait for it to be over so the fighting and anger would stop, but the fighting is worse today. People are demanding that others explain WHY they voted the way that they did, blaming them for “ruining” the country-even though this has yet to be proven as the case. People are calling other people names such as racist, hypocrite, small-minded, stupid, and even evil. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was even told I was not a “true” Christian because of my choice of candidate. Celebrities are claiming they are going to leave the country as soon as possible. (The Canadian immigration page even collapsed last night-not sure if it is related but certainly interesting). The same person that told me that Clinton would unify the world is now steadily going through Facebook posts calling everyone horrifying names and making claims that would cause anyone to fear the future.

What I am seeing, what is actually terrifying to me, is what people are doing to each other…and Trump hasn’t even moved in to the White House yet. People are seeming to take it upon themselves to make sure that everything they “predicted” will happen does. But not because it is Trump that caused it, but because of them.

The harsh words aren’t going to change the election. The accusations aren’t going to change someone’s opinions. Spreading fear isn’t going to help our children “get through” the next four years. Being what you wanted to see, now that might make a difference. Teaching our children to support their President, teaching them tolerance for other opinions and teaching them how to work together instead of apart-that might make a difference. Not shouting the words we said we didn’t want them to hear-that will make a difference. Joining a cause that will help people-that will make a difference. Teaching your children to hug a friend the day after you had extremely different opinions-that will make a difference. Love begets love, and hate begets hate.

So now, the day after the election, we have another choice to make. It is just as big as, if not bigger than, the choice we made yesterday. Are you going to choose love, or are you going to choose hate?


One thought on “What Are Your Children Seeing Today?

  1. Cara says:

    Fantastic article!! I am passing it on in hopes that it will reach as many eyes as possible.

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